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About Us

We currently specialise in sourcing and delivering the finest fresh truffles and mushrooms from all over the world. The availability may change from time to time according to seasonal changes, but always of the finest quality. Our suppliers are long established families from far off regions where the climate and soil lends itself to perfect conditions for cultivation. Their knowledge is unrivalled and their farming and hunting skills are passed down the generations. They also take immense pride in their produce and trust us to handle and deliver them to the most appreciative market. Whilst we supply mainly to restaurants and hotels, we would also like to build on a more personal clientele.

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I was gifted a batch of freshly hunted truffles, with an aroma that pervaded all of my space and lingered on for days even though they were stored in airtight containers in cold storage. The taste was mind blowing. Thus began my fascination for truffles and my inspiration for Belle Grade Fine Foods. I am based in London the capital of fine foods and fine dining. I have worked in a variety of restaurants and fully appreciate the challenges faced by chefs and restaurateurs in delivering new and innovative dishes of consistently high standards to the modern very discerning clientele. There is a common misconception that the best truffles are only from already well established regions in France and Italy. There are others, less well known but on par with the best of the best and far more competitively priced.